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Citric Acid Passivation Tank Added at Hohman

Citric Acid Passivation

Hohman Plating has recently installed a citric acid passivating tank (28”x47”x42”, 200 gallons)

  • Hohman offers citric acid passivation per AMS 2700, Method 2 as well as ASTM-A-967
  • Citric acid is compatible with a broader range of materials than Nitric acid alone
  • Citric acid greatly reduces risk of etching on free-machining and martensitic alloys
  • Citric acid provides an RoHS compliant alternative to the Nitric/Dichromate process

Other advantages of citric:

  • No risk of toxic nitric fumes
  • Simple means of waste treatment
  • Reduced material costs
  • Studies show that citric may be more efficient at removing iron contamination than nitric

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