Coating Removal

Hohman Plating offers an extensive line of options for cleaning and preparing your base metal.  Please contact us for additional details.

  1. Anodic Cleaning – Generally alkaline solutions are used to remove oils and other surface contaminants by the oxygen generated at the surface of the hardware.
  2. Blasting – Currently 5 blasting cabinets to perform the following:
    • Glass Bead Blast
    • Steel Grit Blast
    • Aluminum Oxide Blast
    • Vapor Blast
  3. Descaling – An alkaline solution used to remove scale from steel.
  4. Pickling – Performed with mild acid etching to remove heavy scale, rust off of steel, and heat-treat discoloration.
  5. Polishing & Buffing – Done on a variety of base metals and coatings.
  6. Sand Rolling – To clean and remove burrs.
  7. Stripping – To remove metallic coatings from the base metal.
  8. Ultrasonic Cleaning – Performed in mild alkaline solution on a wide variety of parts.

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