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Dry Film Lubricants

Hohman Plating manufactures and applies a variety of dry film lubricants.

APPLICATION OPTIONS  - Upon request, we apply the following products:

  • Sandstrom
  • Everlube
  • Loctite

For additional products, please contact us.

Manufacture Options:

Hohman Plating has been a leader in the manufacturing of dry film lubricants since 1955. Hohman Plating manufactures and sells the Surf-Kote® line of solid film lubricants.

Solid Film Lubricants are matrix bonded materials that when applied to the surfaces of a part provide a solid, curable, lubricating film. These coatings can be applied by using a brush, spraying, rolling, or dipping. Generally the spray application with multiple coats provides the best lubrication results.

Solid Film Lubricants have different properties.  Contact Hohman Plating with your performance requirements and the environment in which your coating will be used.  We will determine the product that will work best for your application.