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New Aerospace Adhesive Primer Controlled Environment Facility

Following over nine months of rigorous engineering and testing, Hohman Plating now offers the application of aerospace adhesive primer materials in a controlled environment.


The capabilities offered include spraying, curing, and quality conformance of these materials. 

This controlled environment facility has been designed for maximum control against contaminants and meets the environmental requirements of applying aerospace adhesive primers.  This facility is classified and approved by Pratt & Whitney as a PWA 104 Room A, which gives Hohman Plating the ability to apply primers such as the following: PWA 478, PWA 36568, PWA 36483, PWA 79878, PWA 36434, PWA 454, and more.

In addition to the primer application, Hohman Plating has also been approved by Pratt & Whitney for the PWA 83-B4 titanium preparation.  This process ensures that the surfaces of parts are properly prepared prior to the primer application.

Using these new processes, Hohman Plating has processed parts which will be used on the Pratt & Whitney PurePower® PW1000G next generation engine parts.  (See http://www.pw.utc.com/PurePowerPW1000G_Engine for additional information on the Pratt & Whitney program.)  Hohman Plating will also be applying adhesive primers to parts for Pratt & Whitney’s F135 engine.

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