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Advanced Training at Hohman Plating

We value our employees at Hohman Plating and our goal is for every employee to be successful on-the-job. To help employees achieve their successes, about 4 years ago Hohman Plating developed an in-house training program called Hohman University.

The mission of Hohman University is to: Create a high performing environment allowing employees the opportunity to develop, succeed and grow their careers through lifelong learning; at the same time providing excellence in service to our vendors and customers.

Each employee is assigned a “Training Path” that includes all training for their particular role. An assigned training path can take 12-18 months to fully complete. However, not only does Hohman University offer the mandatory training, but there is also optional training for our employees. These optional training programs will help them to gain more knowledge and understanding of their job functions. Their self-assigned training could also help them advance into another career path.

Proper training for all employees is very critical due to the type of work we perform, and the environment we perform in. Robust training allows us to perform numerous jobs with very high specifications for the industries that we serve. These industries include: Aerospace, Defense, Nuclear, Medical, Commercial, Automotive, Food, HVAC, R&D, Construction, and Oil Drilling. All of our training meets on safety standards. With having over 100 processes and certified to over 1,000 specifications, training is what allows us to be successful and continue to grow as the largest plating company in Dayton, OH.